"For 44 years the Radio Voice of Northwest Horse Racing"


Victor The Predictor Cozzetti

For 46 years the Voice of Northwest Horse Racing. One of the leading Handicappers in Washington State .. During his years at Longacres racetrack and now at Emerald Downs, he's always been regarded as one of the best handicappers in the area. Often not only leading in winners but setting high standards in R.O.I. His comments alone tell you about his experience in the game. He's owned horses since 1975 and at this time buys, then forms syndicates. He's worked close with his trainers over the years and has spent time in the shed row. One thing he's learned over the years is the trainer is the trainer.

He watches every race twice, live and re-play; if necessary he'll check the tapes. Trip handicapping is his game. Now money management that's a different ball game. With all the various bets available it's getting tougher and tougher. Back in the days of win-place-show plus the daily double it was a snap. The biggest problem we all have is what happens when you get to the window. Yes, it happens to him also. But Predictor says don't listen to tips they'll bury you. Hes often been asked about tips and getting inside information, he chuckles, in all his years only one time has he had the trainer say we'll win today? The best information is what you see in the paddock and post parade. The paddock/saddling area is a must watch how the horse acts being saddled. Don't be concerned about a horse being saddled away from others, no big deal, he's fine and the trainer is doing everyone a favor. In the State of Washington any horse that falls, (flips) in the paddock is an automatic scratch, many other states nothing, I wouldn't want to bet that horse. These are a few tidbits you'll pick up by following the Predictor.  At his home base Emerald Downs, he's known to tell it like it is.